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How do you help a child experiencing anxiety?

By: Ryan Gogarty, LMFT

Is your child experiencing anxiety?

Are they highly sensitive and get overwhelmed?

Normalizing feelings ...

for sensitive kids allows them to understand that their emotions are ok. (Are you scared/frustrated/angry?)

Help your child to work through their own emotions by validating their experience and allowing them to work through their feelings at their own pace.

Supportive parenting ...

is instrumental in supporting kids to feel safe and secure in their own emotions and that their feelings are “ok” to have.

Suggest that when they are ready you are willing to help them find a solution to the problem

This allows for them to learn to cope when feelings are difficult.

How can a therapist help?

Working with a trained therapist with cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and somatic therapies can help kiddos to feel more confident and secure and lower anxiety.

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