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Why is Therapy Important?

By: Amy Kelly, LMFT

In therapy, we get to take a moment just for ourselves and we have the ability to gain perspective to think about ourselves and the world in a new way.

The time we take in therapy gives us the ability to learn and develop a new understanding and compassion for others and ourselves so the world feels like an easier place to travel through.

Therapy is a space for everyone to explore who they are outside of our usual day-to-day life.

Prioritizing yourself might seem hard, but I believe everyone can benefit from therapy and it is never too late to take the time for yourself to tackle any struggles you may have.

The Importance of Child Therapy

  • Allows children to navigate problems they can't cope with alone

  • Therapy allows children to talk about their feelings and learn new skills to help them succeed

  • Giving our children the skills to make the world a safer and easier place for them is crucial

Additional Resources:

A Little SPOT of Emotions:

The Little Scribble Spot teaches how to recognize what

emotion you are feeling. It makes the important point that no feeling is inherently bad, it is only bad if we let our "spots" get out of control and we don't know how to keep them in check. Each Spot has a calming technique or a sharing technique.

Amy recommends these books because they will teach your child how to deal with their emotions first hand. Instead of acting out of rage or sadness, your child will learn how to keep themself in check. This book set is a great resource for all children!

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