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Comprehensive therapy & behavior health services for children, adolescents & families. 

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|| Natasa Nordman, LMFT ||

|| Amy Kelly, LMFT ||

Amy Kelly & Natasa Nordman co-founded The Children's Institute to solve some of the major problems in the Mental Health environment.  Children & their families lack access to high quality, affordable and progressive mental health services.  Most services are disparate; lacking proper care coordination for the patients, families & care providers.

The Children's Institute solves these problems & many more by providing comprehensive & effective therapeutic services for children, adolescents & families.  We use evidence based techniques & a deep understanding that every patient is unique to help solve the most difficult mental or behavioral health issues.

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The Bay Area's only child & family focused clinic offering sliding scale pricing options



"I highly recommend Amy's services to anyone looking to transform their life for the better"


"Natasa is self aware, reflective and is able to adapt her approach based on what is needed in the moment. I can't say enough good about this person"


"My son had an instant connection with {Amy}.  She made him feel comfortable and allowed him to open up in ways I have not seen before."


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