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The Children's Institute has comprehensive therapy & behavior health services for children, adolescents, individuals & families. 

About Us


Amy Kelly and Natasa Nordman co-founded The Children's Institute to solve some of the major problems in the Mental Health environment. Many children and families lack access to high quality, affordable, and progressive mental health services which is why Amy and Natasa made it their mission to provide services that were not disparate and discriminatory

The Children's Institute is committed to providing comprehensive and effective therapeutic services for children, adolescents, and families. We rely on evidence based techniques and a deep understanding that every patient is unique in order to solve the most complex mental or behavioral health issues. 


The Children’s institute started with just Amy and Natasa, but over the past year, more than 10 licensed therapists have joined the booming practice to help serve the growing client list. 

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Therapy & Counseling Services

Child & Teen Therapy

Family Therapy



What our Clients have to say:

I highly recommend Ryan Gogarty as an individual therapist. Ryan presents with a great deal of experience in exploring how trauma impacts behavior and presents with practical tools to promote coping skills and self-soothing strategies. Ryan has ample experience in treating children, teenagers, and adults who present with stress, anxiety, depression, and barriers to communication. Ryan is highly attuned as a therapist and his warmth in session creates a healing and comfortable environment for therapy.

Whitney W. 

The Program & Supervision

For our therapists and aspiring therapists, The Children's Institute provides comprehensive and unique training, supervision and dynamic co-workers all in a relaxed environment. 

Licensed Therapists, Interns, & Associates: As a member of the TCI Team you will have a fantastic team of co-workers to collaborate with, case conferences, a therapy room, and competitive pay. We strongly believe in providing ongoing training for all employees, so all employees with have many opportunities to further their skills and knowledge.


We provide supervision for associates to gain their therapy license. This supervision is conducted by founders Amy and Natasa. The supervision ensures that all associates are practicing within the given legal statutes. 

The Children's Institute has a very high retention rate for all therapists. We have a one of a kind program and a one of a kind team! 


High quality therapy and training made effortlessly

I had the honor of training at The Children's Institute as an Associate MFT.  I am incredibly grateful for my experience. Amy Kelly created a wonderful learning environment and holding space as I navigated and grew as a therapist. The experience that I gathered while working at The Children's Institute helped to prepare me for beginning my own Private Practice.  When I made the transition I felt confident and supported by Amy and the other associates.  Both individual and group supervision were amazing places for me to grow and learn from others while also learning skills and different ways to work with clients.  I highly value my time spent with Amy Kelly and The Children's Institute and feel that it was a great place to receive excellent supervision while gathering a wealth of experience. "

Leesha Mony, Former Program Participant

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